Terms and Conditions
By using this website we will assume your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the website and these terms and conditions from time to time without notice to you, and your continued use of the website indicates your continued acceptance of the terms and conditions stated as current.

Quartz Legal is entering this agreement for itself and as agent for barristers (the “Panel”) on the following basis: Quatz legal is not itself authorised to provide reserved legal services (as defines in Section 207 of the Legal Services Act 2007) and nothing in any agreement arising as a result of this agreement shall oblige Quartz legal itself to provide any such reserved legal services.

Insofar as any agreement arising as a result of this agreement involves the provision of any reserved legal services, Quartz Legal will endeavour to procure that such reserved legal services are provided by one or more of the barristers on our panel.

Quartz Legal will use reasonable endeavours to procure services on behalf of the client. In the event that Quartz Legal decides that the client’s needs cannot be facilitated from one of its panel members, it will endeavour to obtain services from non-panel members.

Quartz Legal has executed this agreement for itself and on behalf of each member of the panel of barristers and such execution by Quartz Legal shall constitute the legally binding obligation of each member of the panel who is called upon to provide services under this agreement to provide such services on the basis of the provisions of such agreement.

Quartz Legal will not be contracting to provide legal services, only to procure services that others will provide; and the arrangements for payment of Quartz Legal will not amount to referral fees. Barristers who are members of the Panel are subject to regulation by the Bar Standards Board, and nothing in this agreement shall require any such person to undertake any activities that would breach any such regulation and any such activities shall be performed only by members of the Panel who are able to perform such activities without breach of such regulation.

It is the barrister’s own individual responsibility to comply with the Code of Conduct. There is a wealth of guidance about specific aspects of the Code on the Bar Council’s and Bar Standards Board’s websites www.bsb.co.ukwww.barcouncil.co.uk

Collection of Personal Information
In order for you to use some of our online services and to gain the full benefits of such services we need to collect and process various personal data. When completing our on-line form, we request personal data about Users, such as their name, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.

Processing of data
The personal data we collect is used to process your request for our services, to provide such services, and to keep records of those who use our services so that we can process your enquiry most effectively.

Data Protection
We uphold the relevant data protection principles and process all personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Your information
You agree to provide true and accurate information when using this site. We do not accept responsibility for any incorrect information that you provide.

Please be assured that any information you give to us through the website or in any other form will remain confidential. We will never give, sell or rent your e-mail address or other personal information to any third party other than a barrister on our panel.

Quartz Legal itself is not regulated. However, the barrister who will offer legal services to client is regulated by the Bar Standards Board and will be suitably insured.

Under the present regulatory regime it is important to make clear that in any contract with a client Quartz Legal is not itself providing legal services but that the barristers on the Panel are providing these services directly to the client (albeit that a contract for legal services maybe signed by Quartz Legal as agent for the barristers).

If you have any complaints relating to the services provided by the barrister, they should be contacted at their office address and they will deal with any complaint in line with their own complaints procedure. If you are not satisfied with the outcome via their policy you should contact the Legal Ombudsman.

Copyright Notice
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This website and its contents are based on opinions and indicators only which should not be relied upon when making legal decisions. Quartz Legal makes no warranties, representations or undertakings in relation to either the content of this website or any other website referred or linked to this website. We can not guarantee that the services provided by this website will not be interrupted however; we will use our best endeavours to maintain uninterrupted accessibility. Whilst the strictest integrity of the website is upheld, we cannot give an assurance that any information that you may download or copy will be error or virus free.

Quartz Legal is a trading name of Clerico Ltd which is a registered company in the UK registration number 07357588.